All About The ESTA USA Program


The ESTA USA is one program that is there to make traveling to the United States easier, however, it is not for everybody as only citizens from select countries qualify for it. But what is ESTA anyway?

The ESTA in ESTA USA stands for Electronic System for Travel Authorization (obviously, USA stands for the United States of America). With the ESTA, people from Japan, United Kingdom, and other so-called first world countries do not need to apply for a visa if they are traveling for leisure and will only be staying for less than three months.

The only thing that needs to be done is to apply for travel authorization at the official ESTA website on Application is really easy as the process is laid out in step-by-step procedure. You only need to click and fill the application. When you are done, you will need to pay a small fee of $14. For a complete list of countries under the visa waiver program of the United States, make sure to check out the official website of the ESTA.

Once you have completed your application, you can go back to the website to check on the status. You can apply for travel authorization a few days to a few months before your travel date) check out the website for specific timelines.

When your application is approved, you can then travel to the United States. You do not need to present a round trip plane ticket, unlike when you are applying for a visa.

Please take note, even when you have travel authorization, it is possible you could be denied entry into American soil by border patrol. But this isn’t something to worry about as it rarely happens. This is true even in the era of Donald Trump.

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