How To Apply For A Current ESTA US Visa

Would you like to apply for a new ESTA US visa? You will need this if you are going to be coming into the United States. This is going to give you permission to be here for up to 90 days. Without it, even if you have your passport, you will not be allowed in. There are many countries that have relationships with the United States, and vice versa, allowing the free flow of traffic from one country to another. It is a very simple system, fully automated, that can easily determine the eligibility of people that want to travel to the US.

What Is The Visa Waiver Program?

This is a program that was set up by the United States government. It allows people from different countries, that qualify, to come into the US. This will include citizens, as well as nationals, to stay for up to 90 days for both business and leisurely purposes. Part of that program is the ESTA US visa program, and as long as you qualify, you should receive confirmation that you can travel within minutes. It’s very easy to do, and if there are any problems, you will be notified right away so that you can resolve these issues.

How To Apply For One

If you want to apply for an ESTA US visa, you must have a valid passport, specifically from your country. The way that you pay is going to be with a credit card, or you can use PayPal, and it will cost you, at the time of this writing, $14 to submit the application. You must provide your current contact information, as well as your current employers information if that is something that they request. Once this is entered into the system, and they approve you, you simply pay the money and you will be ready to travel to the United States.