How To Get Your ETA Kanada

ETA Kanada

If you are going to be traveling to Canada you have to make sure that you head to your computer and get your eTA Kanada. You are going to need this to get on your flight and you apply for it online. It is an electronic authorization that allows you to get onto your flight and once you have your eTA you can board your flight without any problems.

The eTA is a screening tool to make sure you don’t have anything in your background that needs further examination. If you have anything in your background your application will be put on hold unit it can be reviewed by an agent. If everything is okay with your application you will be approved within minutes and the authorization will attach to your passport.

The eTA is going to attach to your passport electronically with no paperwork to carry. The eTA Kanada is good for two years, but if your passport expires during that two year period you are going to have to reapply for your eTA. You can apply online and you will need a passport and a credit card to apply. You will also need a valid email address.

The application is quick and easy to fill out and you can have it finished in just a few minutes. Most people get approved instantly but sometimes your application will need more scrutiny and it will take longer to get approved. You can pay the fee by credit card and you won’t have to print anything out.

You won’t be able to board your flight without your eTA so make sure you get it a few weeks before you are scheduled to leave to ensure that you don’t end up missing your flight because you didn’t have your eTA.

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