What Is a Kanada eTA And Do You Need to Get One Before You Travel?

Anytime you travel internationally, there are certain documents that are required to enter foreign countries. In the case of Canada, you may be required to obtain an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

In essence, a Kanada eTA is a special type of authorization that is directly linked with your passport. Canadian officials require foreigners from most countries entering Canada without a visa to obtain this authorization. The only exceptions are American citizens who are entering the country by sea or by land. They are not required to get an eTA. However, visitors from the U.S. who are flying into the country do need to obtain one.

You can apply online through the official website. All that you need is your passport, a credit card, and some basic personal information. The application process simply involves filling out a form and submitting it. The cost for the authorization is currently $7.00 CAN, although that is subject to change over time.

Once your eTA is approved, it is automatically linked to your passport electronically. Each eTA is good for five years or until your passport expires, depending on which comes sooner. After it expires, you can simply apply for a new one if you still need access to Canada.

One of the nice things about this type of authorization is that there is no need to print anything or to carry any additional documents with you. Instead, the authorization will automatically show up when your passport is scanned since the two documents are linked together.

If you are planning on flying to Canada, it is important to apply for this authorization as soon as possible. You may not be allowed to fly without it if you arrive at the airport and have not yet obtained it. There are last-minute application opportunities available online if you have access to the Internet with a mobile device. However, it is always best to be properly prepared so that you don’t wind up running into any trouble that could delay your travel plans.

A Kanada eTA is a special type of travel authorization that is required by the Canadian government for anyone who is entering Canada without a visa from foreign countries. The only exception is the United States. Citizens traveling from the U.S. only need an eTA if they are entering the country by air – not by sea or by land.

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